• Import State miles from ELD
  • Import Fuel from Fuel Card
  • Import Formulas from IFTA
  • Run Reports

Setup Users and Groups

  • How to add a group
  • How to add a user
  • How to add restrictions

PDF – Users and Groups Setup

Fleet Setup

  • What is a Fleet
  • How to add a fleet

PDF – IFTA Fleet File Maintenance Setup

Truck Setup

  • How to add a truck

PDF – IFTA Truck File Maintenance


  • Introduction to Reporting
  • Description of many popular reports
  • Explanation of History reports

PDF – IFTA Reporting


  • How to troubleshoot
  • How to make corrections

PDF – IFTA Troubleshooting

Custom Screen Setup

  • How to customize your browser screen columns

PDF –IFTA Custom Screen Setup


  • How to import trips from your ELD
  • How to import fuel transactions from your fuel card(s)

PDF – Importing Fuel and Trips

Manual Trip Entry

  • How to manually add a trip, including state miles and fuels

PDF – Manually add a Trip

Manually Add Fuel

  • How to manually add fuel

PDF – IFTA Manual Fuel Entry

Download IFTA Tax Formulas

  • How to download IFTA tax files
  • How to import those tax files into IFTA Manager

PDF – Downloading IFTA tax calculation formulas

Sign Out

How to sign off your remote session properly

  • ALWAYS close any open apps/programs
  • NEVER click the X or the disconnect option to close your rdp session
  • ALWAYS click the Windows icon in the lower left hand of the remote screen, arrow up to the silhouette of a face and click Sign Out