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Save 100’s of man-hours entering data with our
import options!
Know that your data is safe and secure from
Ransomware attacks!
No data loss! All IFTA reporting history saved as long as
you are a TMS Digital customer!
Audit reports to track anomalies in odometer readings
or mileage discrepancies!

IFTA Manager

TMS Digital IFTA Manager makes your fuel tax reporting more efficient. Now you can streamline IFTA reporting for your fleet. Just click our import options to import state miles and odometer readings from your truck’s ELD. With our innovative technology, you can easily import fuel purchases from your Fuel Card company. If they can export data, we can import it! In addition, IFTA Manager offers an option to import IFTA formulas directly from the IFTA Website. Thanks to our modern technology, IFTA Tax filing has never been easier!

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    Import Fuel and Miles to create trips
    • Our fuel import option lets you import fuel purchases from card companies like:
      Comdata, EFS, Fleet One, Fuel Master, T-Chek, And many more!
    • Import your trip data from your truck’s ELD for state and mileage breakdown. We can import from OmniTracs, JJ Keller, Samsara, GeoTab, Keep Truckin’ and many more. Trips may also be entered manually. The trip data is merged with the fuel data based on truck number and date.
    • Track miles driven and fuel purchases made in each state and calculate the balance of fuel tax owed or refund due. IFTA Reporting can be done by truck, fleet, state, or any combination.
    • Mileage and Fuel Tax Tracking can be seamlessly integrated with the TMS Fuel Card application to import fuel purchases with help of IFTA reporting software.
    • IFTA Manager can import Odometer readings to reconcile with the break-out of miles driven in each state. This helps you catch issues before they snowball into a costly catastrophe! In real life, things happen! A truck’s computer suffers a loss of signal, or is involved in a crash or breakdown. Get IMMEDIATE alerts to ‘catch’ these mileage discrepancies as you are importing. IFTA Manager also keeps a log of these alerts which you can view for further investigation of the issue.

    • Download formulas directly from IFTA or you can set up user defined tax formulas to calculate dollar amounts owed for all states and provinces, ifta tax reporting was never easy before.

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