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The Way IFTA Reporting Should Be

An affordable and easy-to-use fuel tax calculator that eliminates the administrative burden of collecting state mileage and fuel receipts to keep your business truckin'. Ensure your Interstate Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) filing's are done right the first time, with IFTA Manager by TMS Digital.

IFTA made easy with imported ELD and Fuel Card trip data.

Generate accurate IFTA reports in minutes

Run reports by state, fleet, truck, fuel, & more

Automatically update IFTA rates

Save time with accurate fuel tax calculations

Features an easy-to-use interface

Simple data upload or manual entry

Instant error check on fuel and trip data

Supports multiple ELD, Fuel Card, & Accounting Packages

Take the pain of fuel tax reporting

IFTA Manager’s user-friendly fuel tax reporting software makes it easy for transportation companies of any size to streamline routine processes and stay compliant

Import Fuel Card Data Automatically

IFTA Manager's custom API integration with fuel cards reduces manual processes and the risk of clerical errors.
Import from 30+ Fuel Cards

Also, set up automatic .csv files downloads from an FTP for bulk uploading, or add individual fuel purchases manually if needed.

No More Receipt Pictures

Capture payment information, gallons, date of purchase, and location.

Track Mileage Easily with Trip Data

Instantly upload ELD trip records or quickly enter missing odometer readings manually. Customize your Trip Data dashboard and filter summaries by date, mileage, state, driver, or vehicle.
Track Mileage with Trip Data

Less Paperwork for Drivers. Vehicle mileage, state line crossings, and route info is captured and transmitted automatically

Special Mileage Exemptions

Capture information on taxable & non-taxable fuel type, & fuel-ups for reporting.

Data Validation Helps to Map Missing Miles & Uncommitted Fuel

No More Report Errors

An easy-to-understand, color-coded system alerts you to problems or missing data. Saving time & DOT fines.

Uncommitted Fuel Transaction

ELDs pass through dead zones, causing missing fuel by trips and MPG. Effortlessly match trips and fueling to correct problem data with our Mileage & Fuel Comparison Report.

Automatic IFTA Tax with One Click

IFTA software for fuel tax reporting automatically calculates the distance traveled and fuel purchased by jurisdiction. You can view trip reports in detail or filter summaries by date or vehicle type.
No longer edit tax rates yourself

Easily import tax rate changes and formulas directly from IFTA or set up user-defined tax formulas to calculate debits and find discrepancies.

Quick Dashboard Analysis

Dashboard analysis provides overview and specific reports. Run state fuel reports by actual or reporting dates. Filter by truck, fleet, & authority. Run complete reports by State, Fleet, Date, and Fuel Transactions

Accounting Department Integration

TMS can interface with multiple accounting packages as long as the software can import an external posting.

Build Customized Reports

Numerous pre-defined reports with unlimited customization and combination possibilities. Such as Tax Function Report, Supplier Listing, State Tax Report, Miles and Gallons, Fuel Transactions Summary, and more.

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